Important Information from the Austrian Federal Government

As of Monday, 16.3.2020 the following rules apply: 

You may only leave your flat for the following reasons:  

  1. professional work – which is needed in the crisis (doctors, nursing staff, supermarket employees, …)
  2. necessary errands (food, medicine)
  3. assistance to other persons(elderly people, people with disabilities…)
  4. to go for awalk, but ONLY alone or with people who are in the same household life with youor to walk a dog 

Keep distance of 1 Meter to other people!

At the moment there are no examinations being carried out at MA 15 for the Green CardThere are also no police registrations. Studios, running houses, bars, nightclubs and the street are closed. There may be severe penalties from the police if the rules are not followed.  

All shops EXCEPT food, pharmacy, drugstores, banks, tobacco shops and some others are closed.  All restaurants and coffee houses are closed.  All playgrounds and sports fields are closed.  

No groups of people are allowed to form in public areas. The police may inspect and, if necessary, impose fines.   

If you have questions or need help, you can always call us!  We will be there for you during this time as much as possible!  

All the best Your Herzwerk Team.