We are Herzwerk (Heart Works), a diaconal initiative for people in prostitution

Thousands of women, and men as well, work in prostitution in Vienna. They earn their money on the street or in one of over 300 establishments. In many instances, phenomena such as exploitive working conditions, coercion and human trafficking cannot be ruled out. The people affected come from Eastern Europe, China, Nigeria, as well as, other parts of the world. Heart Works’ team visits these women and men at their place of work and offers individual, holistic advice and support.

Heart Works offer support in crisis situations, or when a person wishes to leave prostitution, and walks beside them as they move toward a new life.

Heart Works’ mandate is rooted in the Christian view of the individual:  Every individual – regardless of His/her background, occupation, sexual orientation or religion – is loved and valued by God and maintains inviolable human dignity.

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